Help with Logistic's

I don’t know if this is a bug or not.

“I am stuck on the objective where I need to set the minimum stock count of your gift shop to at least 200 cheap gifts and 100 soda cans”

I’ve attached 2 screenshots am I doing it right or have I missed something?

grateful for any advice


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My bad, I’ve just seen I’ve done it the wrong way around :see_no_evil:


Glad you figured it out on your own, I still recommend not using those numbers.

You have a very limited margin on the stock, I suggest you increase it ^.^ (and buy paper bags like there is no tomorrow)

Ahaha I’m just following the objectives (however I’m not getting any deliveries). its been 2 game days since I completed the objectives and I’ve not had a Delivery.

Was the store already full?

Now the warehouse sends material only when there are only 100 gifts and 200 sodas in your store. A single number greater than that is enough and you will not see any items transported.
Or, your Logistic Manager or your drivers might have gone on sick leave? Update us if no material arrives in the store!

(I’m sure you were following the tutorial, mine was just a suggestion and absolutely not a criticism ^.^ If you need a lot of money to do the acquisition tests open the jewelry stores, trust me you will not have more problems for the testing phases)

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Just to make sure - you do have storage shelves at the gift shop, right? If you don’t have free space on a storage shelf, you can’t get a delivery.

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this one is super important

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I haven’t got shelf’s, just put the boxes on the floor!


There’s the issue! You need the shelves for automation. If you have shelves, they will get stocked at midnight.

Just make sure you get the right ones. Pallette shelves are for the warehouse. The metal ones are the ones you want in your shop.


That should be added as an objective at the start of a shop I think, otherwise I’d been frustrated.