Help us pick the voice of Uncle Fred

Hi everyone,

Uncle Fred will soon be getting a voice in the game, but we’re really struggling to choose the right one.

We’ll like to ask for your help! We got a handful of skilled voice actors to record the first message from Uncle Fred.

To vote for your favorite, simply click the “Votes” button below your favorite actor.

You can find the voting page here:

We really look forward to see who you pick :partying_face:

Thank you so much for your help!



great collection of different voices! some of them are really good quality!


why don’t do something like sims where options to choose?

don’t if this would be possible copy them its idea

We can’t afford that I’m afraid :frowning:

Kinda sad my fave choice doesn’t have many votes :'(.

almost all of them are really great! My vote is definitely for Mike Mckay, amazing work! Great job with the casting!

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Hi everyone!

I’ll stop the voting now, as the winner is pretty obvious! Here’s the top 3:
Mike Mckay: 63 votes
John Block: 47 votes
Brad Ziffer: 27 votes

So Mike Mckay is our new Uncle Fred :partying_face: I’ll reach out to him right away and get the recordings started. Hopefully, we can include some of it in Beta 6.

Thank you so much for helping once again!