HELP! I've been stuck on this objective for the past few days

Hi, all!

I was wondering if anyone in the community could give me a hand.

I have 2 main questions. The first being what is the purpose of the “Fundamental Business Administration Course”?

The second question I have is how do I progress the objective after getting the Fundamental Business Administration Course? EDIT: On second thought, the way that this objective is worded is not clear at all. Some clarity in game would be a lot better.

Below is a screenshot of the objective I am stuck on.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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Hello! The purpose of the second business class (Fundamentals of Business Administration) is so you can open additional businesses and create a headquarters.

What it wants you to do now for the objective is open a second business (rent a building, start a new business, buy the furniture/inventory, hire employees). You can open whatever you want, but if you pick something that is high in demand (from the Market Insider), you’ll have a better chance of being successful.


Hi, thank you for the reply. After reading it again after your explanation. The text, does make sense. Perhaps, instead of “open another business”, it would make it clearer if it said “create” or “make” another business. To me, it seemed that I had to open another business within the market insider.