HeadQuarters improvements

In the current version of the game, there is no reason to set up more than one headquarters. setting up multiple headquarters is more of a detriment and leads to clutter rather than any benefit.

I think it would be good if setting up headquarters was one of the first steps of the game. And to organize the subsequent business under the headquarter. Each business could then be assigned to its own headquarters. Which could affect, for example, the warehouses from which goods can be imported. Better organize the staff or overview for marketing etc.

HQ could also be specialized for a specific type of business. And thus bring some bonus if all businesses are of the same type.

Example. I will set up several law firms. I basically only need HR managers within HQ to run them. So it would be enough for me to set up a small HQ office. And for the sake of clarity, assign only lawyers from the companies that fall under that HQ.

Then set up an HQ for the Supermarket. And organize your chain under that HQ. For this type of business, I already need all kinds of employees Logisic Manager, HR Manager, Purchasing Agent, Further warehouse, etc. So I could better organize the goods I want to sell in my supermarkets.

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I agree that they could give HQ more importance, make it have more influence on operations, happiness, prices, etc.

I just had to buy HQ no. 2 - because I had to have space for 50 HR managers. so you can easily need more than one HQ.


It is! The game has you build your Headquarters before your first two stores are even set up well!

As Corfitsen said, depending on the size of your empire, there sometimes can be reasons to have more than one building, but I do agree with you that it doesn’t make sense to randomly have multiple buildings when you can have one that handles everything!

But I’m not understanding this part, because this results in the much more cluttered, expensive and detrimental situation you were saying to avoid earlier.

You can currently have multiple warehouses with different Logistics Managers assigned to them, so if you want you can have all your supermarkets supplied by one Logistics Manager from one warehouse and have a different warehouse and Logistics Manager for clothing, or whatever.

But that would require a lot more Purchasing Agents and HR if each type of shop needed its own headquarters.

Your headquarters and Purchasing Agent does influence prices, and with EA 0.2, some Employee demands will require a Headquarters for their happiness. Plus, HR helps with operations like training, sick employees and scheduling.

More things like that will continue to be added, though, as the game continues to develop!

I don’t know if that employee demand makes sense to me! Haha
If you’re required to have an HQ super early-game, won’t you always have one to meet those demands? Is the demand more like “Be assigned to an HR agent” rather than “Have an HQ”?

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True - there is more to it than just have an HR manager, but you need the HR manager to fulfill it.

I meant something like each business has its own assigned HQ (One HQ can have multiple businesses). Employees in a given business would only go under HR Managers in that HQ. The same would apply to Logistics Managers and Purchasing Agents. Scheduling transport and purchases would only go from a warehouse belonging to the same HQ.

I think this would be a better way to organize HR Managers and employees. At the same time, it would make more sense to set up more HQs than now. The same goes for Purchasing Agents. Currently, at the beginning of the game, I hire 1 for every importer. And subsequently, I don’t need to work with them in any way throughout the game.

  • HQ1 - MySuperFastFoodHQ

    • Warehouse1 ← Only Logistic Manager from HQ1
      • Can be stock only with Purchasing agents from HQ1
    • PizzaRestaurant
      • Can only be stocked from Warehouse1
      • Employees can be managed only by HR managers from HQ1
    • BurgerRestaurant
      • Can only be stocked from Warehouse1
      • Employees can be managed only by HR managers from HQ1
  • HQ2 - MyHolding inc.

    • Warehouse1 ← Only Logistic Manager from HQ2
      • Can be stock only with Purchasing agents from HQ2
    • LuxuryClothStore
      • Can only be stocked from Warehouse2
      • Employees can be managed only by HR managers from HQ2
    • CheapClothstore
      • Can only be stocked from Warehouse2
      • Employees can be managed only by HR managers from HQ2

This way we should be able to easily organize everything. Also, there would be motivation for creating more HQ and hiring more Purchasing agents, more warehouses etc…

Maybe there should also be some limits like that one HQ can hold only 10 businesses. And if there is the same business type in HQ, it can maybe give some bonus (10% more income. Discount for an advertising campaign, More customers per hour etc…)

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I see what you’re saying, and I think it’s a good idea, but maybe this isn’t the right execution of it (the future “franchise” update might be the place) - and I’ll explain why.

I feel like this creates a lot more complication that would discourage expansion early on. For instance: right now, if I want to add a clothing shop to my existing network in the early game, I can expand my current network like a giant corporate would. I hire one additional Purchasing Agent, and maybe put a couple extra pallet shelves in my warehouse.

But with your suggestion, it would be like starting over with every new type of store. You would need to rent 2 additional buildings, buy another vehicle, and hire 2 Purchasing Agents, 1 Logistics Manager, 1 HR, and 1 driver. For the early and even parts of mid game, this would likely bankrupt players, so they wouldn’t be able to expand much at all.

However, Franchises are coming in the future, and I feel like that might be more what you’re looking for as you can expand your fast-food shop around the city. That will likely come with features like your bonuses for multiple of the same shop, advertisement discounts, etc.

Also, keep in mind, better warehouse organization is coming (a little already in EA 0.2 and more after that) that in the later game when you have 50-100+ businesses, you’ll definitely need more purchasing agents, logistics managers and warehouses, even with the current system.

Yes, you are right. But I think that it should be optional. You should be still able to combine different business types under one HQ. Just if you have the same type of stores, you would get some bonus. I think that this will result in 1 HQ with many business types in the early game and in the end game you would try to organize it under many different HQ.

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Ooh, I like that - that’s an interesting way to still get the perk, but without punishing early-game players. If all your businesses in one HQ are all the same type, you get some sort of “synergy” bonus.

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