Head office - new role - sales manager

Using the new update and enjoying the SLOW GROWTH that extends the early game beautifully, I thought that the introduction of a SALES MANAGER is currently an opportunity, but it may become essential quite soon as the business grows.

The placing of the SALES MANAGER would be like other Head Office staff employed from City Workforce Inc., with desk, chair & computer, and their ROLE would be to SET PRICES GLOBALLY across the whole company, with options to choose DISTRICT or SOLO businesses.

This would be helpful to remove the need to go through every store, having to remember or write down every price you charge in each store for each product in each district.

A simple table could open for the SALES MANAGER where he can see every product stored on a list from top to bottom, with FOUR DISTRICTS (Garment, Murray, Hells Kitchen, Midtown) or GLOBAL headings, allowing him to set prices for any of these goods sold in those areas from a HEAD OFFICE standpoint.
Stores can still be set manually in the normal way (see below).

If each store has an ADDITIONAL HEADER with a PRICE SELECTOR BUTTON under INVENTORY & PRICING, they can choose SOLO, DISTRICT or GLOBAL setting above the pricing column, and full flexibility can be achieved for individual stores to compete if there is a local problem, or maximise any opportunity to charge more.

At the moment, this can only be done manually for each store and is especially difficult when you get to 20 stores with 8 products or more like clothing and supermarkets.