Handtruck - Better usability

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a wish for the game.

But as you can see in the picture, I miss being able to pick things up and drive them away with my hand truck, instead of having to move them one by one.

This is often a challenge when moving businesses, etc.

Next, a larger hand truck, e.g. for 8 as in IKA could be nice - but I know that has already been requested in another topic.

I took the flat bed from IKA and kept it at my home. When I need to go shopping I take it with me everywhere. As long as you leave 1 package on it, it will stay wherever you leave it. I don’t drive at all as I’m no good at the aswd keys. So I run, or take the subway everywhere, with said flatbed and goods. It even goes in a taxi too.

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To clarify, you mean you want to be able to grab the boxes just by clicking on them with the handtruck? That would be easier for sure!

Yes - or at leat too have the opponotunity of place 4 items on it.