Gun Store

I’m an ex-military guy who owns a gun store and I’d like to own one in the game and the firearms market has so many levels that it could be used as an import export too. the others are self-explanatory.


Since this could be a contraversial store type, I think this will not be in the vanilla game. This would definitely something possible with modding, which I really think will be in the game.

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I would love to see this! I know it will be a long shot at least directly from the company or in the original release of the game, but I think it would be cool. We’d have to go to school for it, hire specific people to run it, apply for and go through the process of getting vetted by the BATFE, have random inspections, have to have employees trained to identify straw purchases and run background checks. It would definitely add to the depth of the game. I can imagine that with this taking place in NY too, it would be one heck of a ride to even get approved.

But like Triblade says, it will probably end up having to be a mod of some sort. I am thinking back to all the games that fall into business/city simulation, and can’t recall a single one having guns involved from the company itself.

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Indeed, mods are the only viable solution I guess.

The thing is, it has to be approved for all audiences in a lot of different countries. And I do not think gun sales are allowed for All Ages.

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