Greetings Everyone

I didn’t see a introduce yourself section, so I figured I introduce myself in this section.

I am KoboRDR, a very tiny youtuber who plays a variety of games. Still trying to get a consistent schedule for my videos though.

I’ve had my eye on this game, ever since i played the console edition of Startup Company. I really enjoyed that, and i was really hoping to see a console edition of this game show up as well, as I don’t typically play games on pc.

That being said, I’m really enjoying what I’ve been playing so far, even if I seem to struggle to make a lot of money. I look forward to seeing this game progress, and all the features we haven’t seen yet. If the developers allow it, I would like to make videos on this game, after the thanksgiving holiday.

For those that celebrate, happy thanksgiving.


True - there was when the game was in Alpha/Beta state. But hello and welcome!

Glad you enjoyed Startup Company as well. Big Ambitions currently doesn’t have plans for console, but we’ll see what the future holds! If it were to happen, it likely would be quite a bit further down the line, though, so glad you’re enjoying it on PC!

Certainly, there is no embargo on the game anymore. And if you want to share your videos when you post them, there is a “BA-Media-Coverage” section of our Discord page!