Great game, but here are a few suggestions from economics


I am an economist and I absolutely love the game already and enjoyed Startup Company as well. I think this type of business simulator is quite unique and this one have the potential to be groundbreaking. If you would try to incorporate even more realistic behavior from the field of economics, the game could advance to the next level, since it would feel even more realistic and increase the replayability due to greater variation. I know nothing about programming so you have to be the judge of what is plausible. A few examples of conventional economic findings:

  • Add economic crises and booms every now and again. Crises should dramatically lower demand from consumers, so sales should go down. It would be very realistic if that made you have to fire some % of your employees. Import may struggle short-term from some producers, since crises tend to be international; it makes sense that some manufacturers from other countries would go bankrupt. For booms, increase demand instead, and maybe increase the number of AI stores around the map (randomized locations if possible to increase replayability). Many startups flourish during economic booms.
  • Add more tools to make players try to figure out what the optimal sale price for each product should be. Maybe add a statistic page where players can follow sales over time clearly. There should be an optimal sale price coded into the game depending crises/booms and the degree of competition nearby. You could also try to make the business types more unique by giving their respective products different attributes. Luxury goods (jewelry & marketing) have very dramatic decreases in demand during crises, where food and gas and such should be less affected.
  • Add a stock market, like you had in Startup Company. However, I think you could try to make it a bit more nuanced this time, since it seems to be greater scope for this game. I generally think people (especially the ones who are playing this game) think it feels satisfying to trade on a somewhat realistic stock market and see your money grow in the long run. This should obviously be heavily affected by crises/booms, if you chose to incorporate that.
  • A general idea of mine is to have the clock continue to go while you’re playing around with the options in the game. Maybe even add that you can sit yourself at a desk in order to access some of the statistics and tools in the game. I think the time goes by a little bit slowly now, since I spend a lot of time while the clock is stopped in different menus. It is also realistic that it takes time to mess around with prices, call people, order an import or something.
    Thanks for a great game experience so far, I am excited about future updates 