Good early game feeling since upgrades

I have deliberately not participated for 3 months to see how the upgrades affected the overall feel of the gameplay and I have to say that it is 99% POSITIVE over the older game.

I find that the game has been SLOWED DOWN in the earliest part, becoming WIDER in diversity and choice rather than simply adding bigger elements on top of what existed. By that I mean that reaching a small empire status takes a bit longer, with several new routes to achieving that, like NIGHTCLUBS, FRUIT & VEGETABLE STORES, GRAPHIC DESIGN OFFICES, etc., and with the profits being re-aligned in CLOTHING STORES, it makes the development slower and more satisfying when you finally get somewhere.

There’s a lot to like, and a lot more to come from the developers who must be applauded for their efforts to make the game grow with the audience. I think it now has a really solid base on which to make a truly great game for years to come.

The trick now must surely be to NOT include every single request for updates as the basic game might be affected by some of the ideas… it already has a slight feeling of this with the many STAFF DEMANDS but I’m sure some players will find them to be a nice additional challenge. I DO FEAR THE BICYCLE…lol

I will now go back to engaging with the game through the middle period, but the EARLY GAME is now substantial and interesting. Regards to all involved.