Give us unlimited upvotes for feature suggestions

We only get two upvotes?

I think people who have purchased the game should be able to upvote feature requests as many times as we like. One upvote per feature request - so no spamming feature requests because you really want something. Why limit us?

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You get four total if you stay and use the forum.

And this is a feature set by most vote-based systems. I guess it’s to make you think had about where to spend your votes. You can’t just upvote everything carelessly this way.

I do think four is still a little bit to limiting, but most sites I know only have two of three, so four is still more then that.

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This is the exact reason. Unfortunately, it is still an extremely small team, so they can only do so many things at a time. With only a few carefully selected votes, we can hopefully ensure we are doing the most important requests of the community!

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Alright, I can see how this would help to force players to prioritize what we want most, which may improve the quality of the data. Right now, there are a lot of good ideas on this forum. I think the enthusiasm for the game is great, and I am enjoying the hell out of it.

As an indie dev myself, I don’t want the game to get too creepy on features sacrificing the player experience. Small quality of life changes tend to be the best ones for new games that have strong playability from the start. I hope the game develops along the lines of the business sim that it started as, and not get too into the Sims-style life simulator many here are pushing for.


Did you see whats the most upvote right now ? Its not this idea, or this one, but a main idea, something with a lot of different things inside.
Cause i only have 2 votes, i cant say that i like the idea of having this shop, this one or this another shop. Cause i have 2 upvotes only, i just can upvote for a guy saying a lot of things, some good, other I disagree with, cause i cant upvote for just my ideas with only 2 upvotes.

So as devs, you just see the most upvoted suggestion with a lot of ideas inside, and cant really see that most of people like the idea of having cars shop for example and dont like so much the idea to have casino shop for example.

For me, I agree with a lot of ideas for the most upvoted suggestion (called “shop types”), but disagree with some ideas inside (dont care about having chicken fast food for example, cause its just a shop already existing with just another ingredient)

And to finish it, you didnt talk about something really important : the number of suggestions. 6 months before, people wrote 15-20 suggestions a month.
Right now ? 100 suggestions a week. How are we suppose to help you finding the good ideas with 2 upvotes for 100 suggestions a week ?

edit : btw, and we can vote for our suggestion xD

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