Getting bigger

I was working with 2 warhouses with 2 big trucks each, 4 purchasing agents and 2 logistic managers.
Now I’ve grown too big = more than 32 destinations to deliver to. So I rented 2 more warehouses, got 4 more big trucks, 2 more logistic managers and 4 more purchasing agents. After training them and starting to set it all up, I noticed that I cant use more than one purchasing agent per imp/exp-company.

I guess the only workaround (at least in this state of the game) is to rework my existing purchasing agents? Have to sort them very exactly, i.E. one warehouse that supplies clothing stores, one for coffees, one for fast food, one for flowers, one for fruits, one for gifts, one for jewelry, one for liquor and one for supermarkets? Gives me a maximum of 9 stores times 18 delivery points = 162 maximum of stores? Or am I missing/misunderstanding a game mechanic?

Edit: I just remembered the fact that every store needs paperbags, so I can only work with 2 warehouses, as only two purchasing agents can get me paperbags =only 2 warehouses can deliver them to my stores = only 32 retail stores available? Yes, I know I could buy them via “deliveries”, that would be a workaround.

The PAPER BAG problem can only be solved manually at the moment, unless you create a MAIN WAREHOUSE to bring everything in, using just a total of 4 purchasing agents, then have a team of 1 Logistics Manager with 2 drivers who can cover up to 16 other WAREHOUSES from that main warehouse, giving you scope to build a better network with other Logistics Managers and Drivers going to all your stores.

You can hire multiple Purchasing Agents per importer. If you wanted to maximize your locations, you can simply have a Purchasing Agent with a bag contract for each location. This way, you can deliver to all 170 retail stores.

Thx for the replies. I couldnt choose one of my new purchasing agents at the importer. Need to recheck that. Maybe I forgot to schedule them? :smiley:

That might be - they need to be seated/scheduled at their desk before they can be assigned!

Learning all the time… I never knew about the MULTIPLE PURCHASING MANAGERS for each Importer… possibly because I never had spare ones to try, but I’, sure I tried it before and it didn’t connect the second one, so I had assumed (wrongly it seems) that there was no option to do that.

Your method of daisy-chaining stores to create a complex logistics network is totally valid! You just lose a few delivery locations that way.