Gamemode Speeds

I think it would be very fun and would add a lot of replayability if different gamespeeds were added. I do not mean the speed at which a day passes in game, I mean to have different game modes, standard (60 days per year), extended (120 days per year), and shortened (30 days per year), to change how long a full game might take. it could even be pushed to extremes of making 1 play through on the shortest timespan take only an hour or two, so that you could do it in 1 sitting.

You can edit time! Just start a custom game and you can make a year range from 30 to 365 days!

It’s not really a game you “finish” in one hour. It’s about building scores of businesses and hundreds or thousands of employees over the years. Especially as the game expands and develops, there will be more that requires you to respond to dynamically changing situations as your empire grows.

Of course, you can save after an hour and reload whenever you’re ready!

I didn’t realise you could already do that! By 1 hour I meant more that you could play it in 1 sitting, rather than actually 1 hour, as I agree, that is not really the vibe of the game!

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