Game Studio

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can start your own game studio in the game? I personally would really love that feature and that alone will give me enough to non stop play your game. So that you have you’re own studio with employees and desks and maybe some stuff that you need like dev kits and stopmotion and so on… That would be a really cool feature and maybe something for an dlc? I would pay for it myself!


I’d play it.


That would be cool I think it would be cool if different shops maybe had specialties. Like for developer, you could chose maybe: game, web, or tech.


maybe if you start that grapic studio that comming and web dev business as there are programmers we can then connect these to two to game studio … or something


It would be fascinating to establish a game company because you are already a game company yourselves. Our rules wouldn’t rely solely on the conventional form of paying employees’ salaries but rather on a 60-day unit (equivalent to one in-game year), where the company’s success is determined by probabilities. Let me provide an example: If I start a new game company and it takes 30 days to develop a product without generating any revenue during that time, I would have a 50% chance of making ten million dollars once the product is completed. If the product fails, the probability of success in the following year would increase. This aligns with the characteristics of game companies, doesn’t it? Please refrain from making the game company a labor-intensive industry. We understand that games require creativity and gameplay, but success rates are unpredictable. Once successful, the potential earnings surpass those of ordinary industries by far.

As the title says, you can open a Videogame Developer studio where your employees would be developing…games!

New items: Controllers, Steering Wheels