Game doesn't start

I just bought this game and it always crashes in next loading screen after create a character
what can I do to fix?

mmm weird, what computer specifications do you have?

Few things to note;

Try reinstalling it, cause sometimes the internet likes to lose a few packets here and there. Try using a VPN if you can.

Are you running spining rust? (Techy name for old style HDD). Whilst I don’t think this should be an issue, it could be causing timing issues, so try running it on an ssd see if that fixes the issue. If it does, reinstall it on the Hard Drive, does it repeat? Can it be recreated in test conditions? SSD’s can be bought cheap, if you wanna forgo reliability, from used electronics and/or pc component stores. A small 60gb SSD should be good enough, which typically go for pennies to the pound at this point (aka really cheap).

Are you running it on a laptop older than 4 years old, or a PC older than 10 years old. Processing power significantly increases year by year, and I’d say devices of these ages are probably too old to run simulation games at this point. I’d recommend a 10th gen or later processor for the best experience (particularly in the unoptimised state of a game in beta/early access)

Are you running it on a GTX 750 or later GPU. If not, then your GPU might be running out of memory when trying to load in textures, which often leads to fatal errors causing crashes.

Have you got 16GB or more of ram. Whilst this specific game is not as intensive as flagship games, windows is a very resource hungry OS. Most 3D games will struggle with 8GB of system memory. I’d also recommend running 2 sticks of memory as this makes it faster for information to switch between ssd and memory and often reduces the consumption of memory by the OS. Having more system memory can often help when you don’t have much graphics memory in open world or mixed instanced games.

Are you running intensive applications such as streaming softwares, chrome browsers or photoshop instances on the computer? It could be using up system resources, particularly on low end or older systems, making it harder for the game to run.

Check your antivirus software, cause it could also be forcing the game to quit if it’s using up a lot of resources on your pc.

Try each thing one at a time so you can easily isolate the issue and share it here again with what fix you applied.

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