From Millionaire to Billionaire: Consulting Firms in the Late Game!

Note 1: English is not my native language, and I had assistance from ChatGPT for this article.

Note 2: After reading through the article, I realized that the tone is somewhat exaggerated. I hope this does not hinder the expression of the game content. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Greetings, fellow magnates of “Big Ambitions,”

As a programmer with no formal background in business management, I’ve been contemplating how we, as tycoons, could further enhance the realism and immersion of this wonderful game, especially in the late-game. Let’s admit it: once you reach a certain level of wealth, there’s a lack of avenues to invest our hard-earned money. Expanding new outlets becomes a repetitive grind, and optimizing existing ones can be a tedious task. However, in real life, huge companies often turn to specialized consulting services. So why can’t we do the same in our virtual empire?

Imagine this scenario: as your in-game company’s net worth crosses a significant milestone, say $100 million, you receive an in-game message on the phone. An elite consulting firm is extending its high-end services to you, promising a range of options that can be tailored to your specific needs. However, these advantages come with a hefty price tag: the more expansive your empire, the higher the consultation fee—and, in turn, the greater the benefits. I think “you have to spend money to make more money,” right?

The services could include but are not limited to:

<1> Forecasting Future Profits: Predicting Your Store’s Future Earnings Based on Current Conditions

“Forecasting Future Profits” is your financial crystal ball. This function lets players simulate their in-game business operations for a week, providing detailed revenue and expense reports without the need for saving, running, and checking the game manually. This feature shines particularly in intricate businesses like law firms, where strategic scheduling can make or break your profits.

But this isn’t just a game feature, it’s a real-life business strategy. Just like a consulting firm offering data-driven insights, this tool brings efficiency and strategy right to your gaming doorstep. Say goodbye to the daunting task of managing large-scale enterprises and welcome a new era of strategic gaming.

Relax, let the simulation run, and let “Forecasting Future Profits” elevate your game experience with invaluable insights.

<2> Intensive Training Programs: Enhanced HR Training for Skill Development

Imagine no longer needing to let countless nights pass to max out your employees’ customer service skills. The “Intensive Training Programs” feature could be your solution. This powerful tool offers a quicker route to skill improvement than the standard in-game HR training, enabling you to significantly enhance your employees’ skills in a much shorter time.

This feature acknowledges the reality that time is of the essence. Instead of waiting for your HR department to slowly train an employee to 100% customer service skills, you have the choice to pay a premium to speed up the process. Yes, it comes at a higher cost, but the advantage of having a fully trained workforce more quickly cannot be overstated. Efficiency and effectiveness are key in business, and the “Intensive Training Programs” feature embodies these principles.

<3> Organizational Restructuring: Seamless Employee Replacement with the Help of Headhunters

“Organizational Restructuring” eases employee management. Ever wanted to fire a problematic employee, but found it too troublesome? With this feature, you can replace a specific employee with a randomly generated character having similar skills but different demands. For instance, a logistics manager demanding a peaceful workplace could be replaced with someone satisfied with just a free coffee.

The consulting firm can recommend better-suited employees for your business, contacting a headhunter to find these replacements for you. When replacing staff, you can retain vital data, like a logistics manager’s planning. While this feature may seem complex, it’s manageable from a coding perspective and significantly enhances the gaming experience.

These proposed features are not exhaustive. The concept of consulting firms opens up a myriad of possibilities, potentially introducing a variety of new mechanics and quality of life improvements to the game. Whether we’re discussing game balance features or quality of life ones, they all can fit into this broad concept of consulting firms.

Implementing a consulting firm feature in Big Ambitions could not only offer players more avenues to invest their wealth but also provide a more realistic and professional business simulation experience. After all, in the real world of business, it’s often necessary to spend money to make more money.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts and feedback on these suggestions. Let’s keep pushing our “Big Ambitions” to new heights together!



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