Freelance Agency

I think it would be a nice idea to add a freelance/contracting agency. This business would be put inside of an office building, and here are the employees you can hire:

Software Developer
Software Designer
Website Designer
Website Developer

Companies can contract you, and when they do, it will give an HR manager inside the business a set of tasks, and it will give your software or website (You can be contracted for software or website development) and the more employees you have, the faster the progress bar will be completed. There are 3 difficulties for cotnracting:

The easy contracts are easy goals with a fast deadline, medium is medium hard with a decent deadline, etc…

I think that the contracts should have a unique name for each one, like

Program a Library Search Engine
Deadline: 1 Week
Termination Fee: $10000
Reward: $5000
Contact Info:
(contact info is how you can contact them if you want to extend the deadline)

When you contact them, you can negotiate a new deadline if you cannot accomplish the current one, but you will sacrifice the reward money.