Free Samples for Food locations

It would be nice to be able to offer “free samples” to increase sales at food locations (Supermarkets, Liquor Stores, Fast Food, Coffee Shops)

You could buy the “Sample Station” from an appliance store, and stock it with whatever goods you are offering. This would increase sales by a certain percentage, at the expense of the inventory item you stock it with.

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And before you know it all you get is people coming for the free samples and you’re making millions of loss. :smiley:

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People often think that would be the case, but studies have shown that free samples can increase sales quite tremendously, especially in a smaller store like we are running in Big Ambitions!

I was just joking around. But it would be a nice thing! Just like making those hot dog stands actually ownable right?! :smiley:

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100%! The more things like that we can use to boost things, it makes the game feel much more alive and impacted by the different stores!