Food Trucks / Stands / Kiosks

It would be great if you can own little businesses like hot-dog stands (like in NY), fast food trucks or a kiosk.


Yes! This is something a few of us have discussed wanting for sure. Either having a hot-dog stand as a standalone business, or perhaps even a mobile extension to your existing fast-food place!


Not sure if this has been asked but there are various food vendors on the streets. Could this be made available to buy food from rather than trying to find a shop.


i would like my character to eat also from that hot-dog stands in the park :crazy_face:


Who hasn’t walked pasted a hotdog stand and been tempted? It could be a neat mini interactive feature, or, maybe, there’s potental to run and own a stand or two - the big ball game in town sounds profitable.

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Hot dog/drink stand(s) would be a great first business requiring you to use your car as a storage location.