Food Delivery

Can we get a delivery option for food? Would be nice if we could call El Gato etc. and get food delivered into our fridge or some unlimited size box that can be deposited into any fridge.


Hey Big Ambitions fans !

Maybe we can add an “Uber Eats” system ?
If you want to buy some food, you must to go in a supermarket to buy it.
That’s ok, but if it’s 11pm, that’s very difficult to order some food or find a store who sells food.
So, I think it can be a very noice idea to just order food and have a delivery system, like we can already have with shops. But, here, the goal is to recieve his food in 1-2h max to an selected adress (like home).

What do you think about it ?

Thanks !


Soon, you’ll be able to buy from your own stores, so buying food at 11 PM should be ok.


This is true - although a food delivery service would still be cool!


+1 For Food Delivery…
For both the player stocking their fridge and selling food to others via an Uber Eats type game mechanic!

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While there have been advancements in food delivery services, such as door-to-door delivery or meal kits, currently, there is no widespread option available for delivering food directly into your fridge or an unlimited-size box. Most food delivery services focus on delivering prepared meals or groceries to your doorstep. However, some services provide freshly prepared meals delivered to your home, allowing you to store them in your fridge for later consumption.

I don’t know if it’s already been suggested or not.

We already have delivery drivers available for hire but not business like this. I will be very happy to have taxi Uber-like businesses to set up. It will be interesting also to be able to work like delivery driver. Also ability to link this company to spicific shop… For example you have fast food restaurant linked to your delivery service company you can see extra sells in the shop. Or linked to rival coffee shop or fast food restaurant. Or just set up your business purely only taxi-like.

Currently drivers can only deliver stuffs from warehouses to businesses. And once their skill levels reach 50%, they can drive T1 truck and there is no need to train them anymore, making them useless and have no sense of existence in the game most of the time. Currently, we can ask specific stores to deliver stuffs to exact address. However, we can’t use that service for any normal businesses in the map(For example, you cannot call a fast food business to deliver the food to your house)

Combining this with the current fast food and coffee businesses, I believe it would be excellent to introduce a food takeout service into the game. Players could assign a driver to a standard car (which doesn’t need to be distributed to a warehouse) to run a takeout service for up to three businesses. The driver’s skill level and the type of car used could influence customer satisfaction. This service could enhance the profitability of the businesses.

At the same time, you can also use food takeout service in your Bizphone. You can call any fast food business in the map (including your own business) to order food, and the food will be delivered to the destination in 30 mins.

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Furthermore, the delivery fee for the takeout service can be adjustable. It’s necessary for drivers to have their working hours scheduled in advance. For instance, if you own three fast food businesses operating for 14 hours daily, and you assign a vehicle to these businesses for takeout services, you must then organize the drivers’ schedules for vehicle usage. Typically, to accommodate the businesses’ operating hours, two drivers would be required to work in shifts using the same vehicle. If the store is open but no driver is working, the delivery service will stop and the corresponding alarm will be issued (xx store is open, but there is no driver to perform the corresponding delivery service)