Finance Suggestions

  • Loans that scale with your needs - these should increase based on the cash flows generated daily from your business (repayability) and/or the value of the assets you possess (collateral). This will allow players to grow their business without having to spam through days for the necessary cash.

  • Ability to sell businesses either as a portion or fully to invest in new ventures. Players should also be able to raise funds from other creditors (credit unions, loansharks, etc.) with various loan requirements, risk thresholds, and capacities. Perhaps a credit union has a better rate but offers less maximum loan, or a loan shark offers cash with little to no credit-worthiness but if it isn’t repaid could end violently (the store is vandalized, employees harassed/player is injured)

  • I just played around with the investments, so not completely knowledgeable on the limits of it currently, but it appears you can sell them whenever you want and they will perform based on the risk tolerance levels. It would be interesting if this was a virtually infinite investment vehicle that could also pay dividends, to satisfy daily cash flow expenditures. Perhaps, you could eventually take your company public (franchising is on the roadmap) / buy other competitors, companies that are large. The investments could move based on the demand of customers and the success of the business.

  • More business types: Pharmacy (medical school equivalent of business school in game currently), restaurant/bar, tech store, dealership, accounting firm, credit union/bank, furniture store, gym, mechanic, and freelancers (plumber, electrician, contractors, delivery company, etc.)


Would be great to buy out competitors and do M&As
I don’t know if it’d be too much, but I think it’ll be great if it was possible to sell off part of a company (the headquarters) to investors and have a board of directors fixing objectives for the company with bonuses to the player (CEO)

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