Filter options in menus

The idea is to have a filter Option for different menus.

For example what im thinking of, is the menu for your staff.
At a specific point in the game i had so many staff members there was a complete chaos in my overview.
I took over some other buisnesses from competitors but now i got so many new empoyees which is a pain to click on everyone and pick them so i can train them, or put them in other buisnesses etc.

If i could just sort for example for: ‘lawyer’ & ‘no buisness’ for example i could just click the tick in the top to select all of the filtered staff and do what i need them to do.

Same goes with the shops. Filter options like shortages in their stock or different city locations so i can set them up with the demands of the city district.

I just miss a filter option which could be really handy in the later game where u have more shops etc.

Maybe it could also be managed through the hq and your managers(there were some others with ideas like this already). Like i can set different managers up for store types etc. Just so i can get a quick overview when something unexpected happens.

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Some changes will be coming including probably some more dropdown options to filter out certain things like you’re saying, because you’re right - it gets quite tedious with a huge empire!

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