Filter / Multiselect Employees

I love the new mass employee actions - the only downside is that I still have to manually click each employee. Situation - I am staffing up a big 50 Lawyer office, so I am hiring/training scores of employees at a time. At 1700, the training ends so I sort employees by “task” to see the 40 people that just finished training. I would love to be able to click on the top person, and then shift-click on the last person, and then all get the little checkmark so I can select them all en masse.


I was going to suggest this as well. It’s very unintuitive as it stands right now. I also just staffed a 50 person law office and I was having this issue as well. It seems you can multi select but you can’t train via multi-select.

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Once you select all the employees you want to train, click on the dropdown menu up town and select “Train Primary Skill”


Damn, that was not obvious to me. Could use an UI change up on this.

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I wish I knew that earlier …

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It would be very helpful if we could filter employees

->Filter by: Task → Choosing: No Task → Mark all → And then: Train primary skill

This would save us 1000+ clicks in endgame :smiling_face:


Please make a filter on the top line in the “Employees” tab. For example, I have hired 50 lawyers and I train them all. At some point, some of them will be trained up to 100%, I will need to place them at the enterprise. At the moment I have to select everyone with a mouse click, which is inconvenient. And so - I set filters, selected all with 1 click and put them on the enterprise. Well, don’t forget to make the “reset filters” button. Oh, yes, when I select through the list, for example, 10 lawyers and 1 cleaner in a legal company, the game does not allow the cleaner to be moved to the enterprise, I have to move it separately in its tab

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As I get into the late game, it can be difficult to organise employees especially if you like to assign uniforms or train employees before assigning to a business.
Can you add filters for each column that can be selected in multiples.
For example :
Primary Skill
Current Business
Hours Per Week

Would also be useful to add a column for their training level, so I could see which workers are fully trained and which poorly trained, though appreciate that may need filters like <50% and <75% or < entered value.

Based on filters, I should then be able to select all filtered employees.
So I could select employees with primary skill cleaning and then assign a cleaners uniform.
Or could select all unassigned employees with training <50% and assign to training before I assign to a business (understand with HR manager they will train slowly over time but prefer to pre-train).

An option to assign workers to train up to max level would be useful to avoid needing to assign them to training every day as well when training before assigning to a business (again understand that the HR Manager can be set to train workers up to 100% on the job as well).

I voted for this as I would love to be able to filter employees. You cannot see people’s skill level so you have to click on them to check who to train and if you do train them or assign a business you have to once again scroll through the entire list as it resets back to the top and removes the sorting.
Next to a filter in the employee list it would be more player friendly too if in a business schedule you could filter too. Instead of no cleaning staff it should have a filter for every type (for example cleaning and lawyer for a lawyer office) and then an additional filter for “no task” aka 0 hours on schedule? :slight_smile:
love this game though! :smiley:

In EA 0.3 you can now multi select in the MyEmployee tab. More control will continue to come over time