Few idea I like to see to be added to the game

I like ask if you can added these to the game coffee shop restaurant, bar and a gym. Maybe have each one thing can do in them. Like for coffee and restaurant and set up meetings or setup staff party events. Gym Maybe have it so character can do the jobs quicker. For the bar if the character get too drunk he can end up being late for work. Also Maybe put in where character can interact with the NPC’s and make friends which can also hire which can give the character good benefits and/or bad benefits. They can also boost the business by bring in more customers to the character shops. If the NPC likes type of business whcih the players may or may not have.
Also can you put in a option to change the rotation and pick objects to two different keys please because every time I rotate the camera sometimes I also pick ups objects. These bite is my opinion. Maybe option to use mouse and keyboard for control. I don’t mind using just the mouse. But I do prefer using mouse and keyboard.

This is want I feel a lot of game companies don’t put in they games. I don’t know how to spell it but they is a lot of people like myself who find it hard to read a lot or some words in games. Which find it hard to follow the story or what’s happening in the game. I am not to bad now then what I use to be like. But I know they will be players who be a lot more bad then me. Lot of the time I got to use my phone microphone to help with the spelling which do not alway help. I know a lot of players don’t ask about this mean reason. A lot them can’t ask game to put this in. So please can you make sure this get put in the game if none of the other.

These are the ideas which I have got so far. I like to see in the game some point.