Feedback wanted: Updated Bizman Overview

Hi everyone!

Part of Beta 4 is an updated list view of BizMan. The purpose of the rework is to make important information available right from the overview, instead of requiring the player to click through various tabs.

This is our current suggestion:

A few thing to notice:

  • Clicking the yellow target-icon sets a custom navigation target for the address.
  • Clicking the blue :gear: icon is the same as clicking the full row.
  • Anything with a blue border visualize mouse over/hover effect.

What do you guys think? Did we miss anything important? :slight_smile:

Thank you!



that looks much clearer than current UI.
But could you also make a column in the business & rental list about satisfaction rate of each business?
sometimes the business does not have an alert but it is good to see how each business is rated.


Looks really good but I think it would also be nice to see average hourly or daily costumers.
What @felixshi said about the satisfaction rating would be a nice addition also

Looks good! Maybe make the navigation button more noticeable? I feel like the one on warehouses, headquarters and private residence is too small and hidden so it is easy to miss.

Looks like that would scale much better when you own multiple businesses than the current system.


It looks amazing. Just one question, can you make the “Business & Real Estate” list manageable? (columns are sortable. add/remove column. add filters)
This would be helpful for mid/end game when we will have a ton of records.

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for the feedback! Glad you like it too :slight_smile:

@felixshi @OracleOne I tried adding more columns to the business/retail list, but there’s just not space enough for all of it. Should we go for satisfaction or customers count, which would you find the most interesting?

I see what you mean! Space is very limited, but we can try add a tooltip popping over when you hover the icon saying something like “Click to set as destination”.

For sure! We’ll reuse the functionality of MyEmployees, etc.

If we have to choose then I would say satisfaction on this page and then costumer count in a more detailed page about the business

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Satisfaction will be added then :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback guys, much appreciated as always!