Factories, Loans, B2B, Rival interactions and a more open early game

this thread is building off of the earlier factory post and suggesting and expanding on the idea for when factories come in the future. IMO the players should have a option from the start to head into factory production over a retail route. Banks should be able to facilitate a separate type of loan [ eg “factory loan” or “industrial loans”] for which players must own/ rent a warehouse building and/ in addition to other residential/ retail buildings as collateral to the bank in order to get a large sum of money to open a factory as well as getting their equipment for production. the loan will have a much larger interest rate and daily payment than a regular loan. however the jobs not done as the player must now find a party that is willing to be supplied by you and negotiate the price at which you will supply them. This means developing a relationship with said rivals, with a better relationship meaning more favorable prices on deals with rivals. Ultimately you will be earning less per unit compared to retail but It will be much more reliable and steady once you have several clients. in addition if you produce something that is experiencing a shortage, your prices will temporarily hike up meaning you benefit. Likewise if there is a product meant to go out of stock, you can set up a factory to supply the market/ the factory will negate the event by supplying the market if it already exists. to circle back to the loans while It may sound like a OP way to get a huge sum of money, an inability to fulfil a daily payment [which are exponentially bigger than a normal loan meaning the factory has to stay in production else you will hemorrhage money if you go retail with the money, the factory relies on high volume low margin to make up its revenue] repeatedly will result in all of your collateral possessions being taken by the Government and spending jail time, the worst of which can result in a huge time skip [if your character gets 15 years at 45 he will be 60 the next time you play him, meaning your character will not have as much time left.] I think this gives the player a viable but risky B2B route in the beginning of the game if they do not want to go down a B2C/ retail route. Overall the player will be earning less than their rivals from the factory while it is actively paying off its huge loan but once the loan has been payed off, the factory will perform better than a few retail stores combined. Just my thoughts about factories and the early game. Excited about the future of the game, can’t wait for what’s next

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