Expensive Jewel. . gets not sold (edit: no bug)

I do not get sold an expensive jewel.
At the first store I thought it was the environment: Hells kitchen with room size 75 and 18 people.

But now in the expensive Midtown, I also do not manage, despite marketing, no expensive jewels are sold.
The sale of cheap jewels, does not support the business model.
(a lot of customer doing the animation, but it doesnt count down )
3. I opened a supermarket and tried to sell one jewell, cheap or expensive. didnt work.
4. i bought up an existing jewel shop in Hells kitchen- and there i see the reduced stock in the showcase of 25/50 and 13/50.
But since I bought this store only the animation of the buyers is displayed, but real nothing sold.
NOK 13 jewel.hsg (1.2 MB)

in the balance sheet, the purchase, i.e. the investment of the jeweler, is shown under the line: negative interest rates.(4 mio)

Hello! I loaded the save you included and noticed a few things:

  • You don’t have any marketing on that jewelry store, so that would help.
  • The building you are using has a traffic index of 15%, which is really low and will be hard to get customers, especially with no marketing. It’s best to find a building with higher traffic since you cannot improve that number.
  • Your employee skill level is really low as well, which will make the customer satisfaction low, which makes it harder to get customers. Training your employees will help.

Even with all that, I waited a day, and still sold a couple expensive jewels in your save game.

Supermarkets can sell Jewelry, but that’s not their main purpose (fresh/frozen food is), so Jewelry won’t sell well there.

I’m guessing you are talking about a 75m building, which should a 15-capacity building. The smaller buildings are limited since they are smaller, so that adds to the problem of struggling to get customers. Getting a larger building could help with that one.

Thanks for your answer and your test. I wasnt able to sell one expensive jewel in no shop, even as i had marketing in the supermarket, or in the 75 m room, thats why i ordered to close those shops or dismissed the jewell sale in the supermarket.

to finish the test i bought up a running jewellery, which was existing…
But what makes me wonder is, that u was able to sell some expensive jewellery.

What i tried after my posting here was, to reduce the price of expensive jewel to the nearly same price of the cheap jewel. 162 units.
And …didnt sell one piece…but happy its just on my game…thanks for feedback. so, should be no bug

reduced now the price of jewell to 5 $ , took marketing for 500 $ ran two days. and didnt sell one piece expensive jewel…

i made up my 4th try. and it worked ,
Bought a shop in MUrray Hill because the demand of expens. jewel is 100 and cheap jewell is 100 too…
285 qm customer cap 40 traffic index 48 .
3 of each vitrine and sold the first day 6 expensive and 20 cheap jewel…quite hard
because i needed to invest 2500 marketing…
after the first day of business as the only jewelery. demand of expensive jewell fell down to 59 Percent…

so, no bug at all, but quite hard environment to sell some

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It’s possible those were set up incorrectly or something - since I didn’t see those, I’m not sure, but a supermarket isn’t a good place to test jewelry sales, in general! :slight_smile:

No, don’t do that, that won’t help!

Yeah, it sold immediately when I loaded your game. How are you determining whether you sold any? What are you looking at?

[quote=“SuperDave, post:5, topic:2116”]

No, don’t do that, that won’t help!
[/quote] LOL
edit: i even reduced it to 5 $ and had no sell.^^

first of i check the inventory, it was untouched.
secondly i checked the :Income statement where each item gets their revenue listed. only cheap jewel got listed

Over the “econo view” , in the lower left corner is the income statement list.

Interesting - that is the correct place to look. Well, all those factors will really work against you - small building, low traffic index, low employee skill, no marketing. Those are the things you need to fix to increase sales. Lowering the sale price won’t help at all.

You said you already started to find success in a new store - that store likely has some of the issues fixed a little, but if you keep improving them, you should start to see a lot more money, because Jewelry can actually be very profitable!

For instance, my big jewelry store in midtown makes between $100,000-$162,000 each day just from expensive Jewelry! Good luck getting yours up and running and let us know if you have any questions :smiley:

wooooot -->160k ? nice one…thanks mate.

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