Expanded PC functionality (in game)

I originally posted this over on the Discord, but wanted to copy it to here to get feedback from other players interested in suggesting ideas

Currently, mid and late game often involves waking up, checking Bizman for alerts, then fast forwarding through the day by playing video games/watching TV/sleeping while waiting for employees to be hired and trained. It would be great to give clicking on a PC at your apartment or inside any of your businesses the functionality of opening your Bizphone tabs while letting time run in the background. Currently, if you click a PC at a business, it opens the tabs, but pauses time like with using the Bizphone. This would help with the feeling of actually working on your businesses as well as having the added benefit of time passing.

Would be great for the current (in apartment) pop-up to give two options: the current time-limited option of playing games, and an open-ended “Work” option. Clicking a PC in one of your businesses should do the same, frankly. I’m the boss, and if I want to play Big Ambitions while at the office, I should be allowed to do that! I like to set up my own ‘office’ in my HQ, and this would give me a place to go and work while in that mid/late game phase of Big Ambitions.

Keeping the current time-pause functionality for the Bizphone would give players the option to just use that if they want to freeze time.


Agree. A lot of “Sleep Time” could be saved, if the game didnt freeze in any game menu

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I’d just like a way for time to pass any time the game automatically pauses.

I remember the first time I went to the park thinking "I’ll do all my administrative work in the park and get “walked in the park” credit too!

Nope. Had to idle for several minutes doing nothing in-game after I was done. :roll_eyes: