Hey plz let me know if I am bothering the production if I am posting too frequently. But I came out with some new ideas that are maybe nice to add <3

Some of the idea might seem heavy to implement but I swear to God you guys are up to the job!

  • Maybe try to make the “Process of getting to make a business even harder” read the sentence again in case it wasn’t clear. The head production manager said that online should be implemented after couple of years so I beg you to work on it with the right base. Right now its super duper ez to make a business and make money, maybe try to make it extremely hard so that in the future when Online is implemented not everyone is gonna have a lambo or a high value house, in this way you will add real value to the game people will take the game seriously and streamers are gonna stream the game 24/7. (make it hard, not just hard but super hard)

  • Add events like holidays make it as real as possible, also adding popular holidays that are not just Christian related will be also nice and will add diversity to the game & dw its nothing related to controversial. Holidays cant be controversial.

  • One of the trending things on YouTube is a guy called Moses where he hustles by buying and flipping jewelry. The concept is quite interesting and will definitely add more value to the game. Basically buying low and selling high without even having a shop (pretty interesting) you can check him on YouTube if u want.

Hello! Nice ideas, thanks for sharing!

Just so you know, I’m moving this to “general” since it’s a list of ideas, which makes it not work as a voteable “feature suggestion” since we’ll have no idea what’s being voted for!

Events could be all kind of stuff which effects the business / economy but I guess some events are already implemented in latest version to which have impact on shortages of specific products for a certain time frame. Pls. correct me if I am wrong.

New kind of ‘events’ could be
→ strike of underground service for certain time frame
→ road block due to construction side or road accidents or fire brigade operations for certain time frame
→ weather changes