Entering and exiting garages causing damage to vehicle

Not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but if you go in and out of the parking garage a little too fast, it seems as if the little ramp can cause some slight damage to your vehicle. So you have to make sure you go in super slow. Maybe a possible fix would be making the ramp a little less steep or just getting rid or the ramp altogether? The more expensive vehicles’ repairs are pretty expensive as it is. Even when the condition of vehicles are in the 90 percentiles. Having to pay $20k-$30K for a repair when the condition of the vehicle is at around 95% is understandable for an expensive vehicle, if I crash into something. But having to do it because I’m either leaving or entering the garage is a bit frustrating. Love the game btw!

Am I the only one having this issue? I would love to hear some sort of input on this. I wouldn’t say it’s “broken” because it CAN be avoided. But as I said, you have to go in very, very slowly and even when I’m trying to avoid it, it still happens at times. There’s been times when I’ve noticed my vehicle will take 10% in damage! I’ve also noticed it happens more often when entering the parking garage than it does when exiting. When exiting, the “lip” of that ramp will take some off if speeding out too fast but that’s more avoidable. Going in “normal” speed is what does it the most. Also, when you first enter, it almost sounds as if my character is going in the car again because you can hear the car door shut right when you first enter the parking garage. Again, I would really appreciate some input on this. As an owner of the Petrolls Fanton, having to pay 50k to even over 100k just for entering the garage is highly frustrating! Thanks!

You are correct - this is an issue! There are a few issues with the parking garages that the devs are working on.

I’m glad they are taxis !

Same here! It’s how I do most of my traveling but I still have to drive up to the docks to get to my boats as taxis can’t drive you to the docks.