Employee's gains skill by working

When you hire someone they will always be stuck on the percentage level that you hired them on. If I hire someone with 60% customer service skill they will stay there forever unless I train them up. When I hire someone I always train them up to 100% before putting them in the store. This is annoying because I don’t want to individually train every employee to 100%.

I suggest a system where employee’s gradually get better. For example if an employee works 50 hours a week for 5 days they would gain 1% customer service skills per day. So when you hire someone at 60% skill it would take them 40 days to get to 100% customer service skill.

Or perhaps through the HR feature a way that you can send all employees of a business on a 1 day workshop that trains their skills +10% and also automatically closes the business for that one day.

Pretty sure they will put something like this in beta 6 with the HR manager.