Employee Training Feature + Customer Service Rating

The game currently only allows your worker to up it’s skill percentage is by unassigning them from their current job which ends up canceling out their schedule and you have to redo it. I feel like there should be more natural ways to up the skill percentage and an easier way to stop the schedule from being messed up.

Method 1: Purchasing an Office and opening a training facility - This seems more realistic and a great option as it provides more to do in the game, and gives you way to train your employees without their satisfaction going down.

Method 2: Natural Work Progression - With Experience comes skill, Employees should be able to naturally up their skill percentage by some sort of progression value. When I say progression value, I mean that when the worker has dealt with maybe 500-1000 customers, their skill percentage goes up 1 or 2. This would work in-place as an addition to the current system because training your employees consecutively brings their satisfaction down.

Method 3: Keep the current system. But rework it a bit: There is some cons in training currently. Their satisfaction goes down, and you have to unassign them from their current business. I think the satisfaction shouldn’t do down because you are paying for their training, and they are still doing something under the employment, which satisfaction should only go down in my opinion in a controlled environment such as I listed in Method 1.

There is: HR managers. They can train your employees while they still work!