Employee specialization/ experience

I think it would be cool if when recruiting for employees of any business if the recruit had a specialization/ work experience past in a specific type of business.

-Placing them in a business of their background would give significant sales boosts or other modifiers. this modifier can improve as a person is employed and actively working to a certain margin before plateauing based on the modifier quality [you could have it be based on educational level or number of years working].

-You can hire a training specialist at your HQ that can retrain a certain number of employees to other specialization and upgrade their modifier quality but with for a payment [one time or recurring], a long completion time and a reasonable decrease of the modifiers active buff if the employee is retrained. All three variables can be improved based on the skill of the specialist.

I think this would make managing customer service or even office workers much more active and makes players really consider shuffling employees around and not just pick any customer service as long as their demands are possible and putting them in a company and letting HR train them up. I think it will also make poaching’s and retirements more impactful because you have to reinvest into getting the correct employee or investing further to train someone to be the optimal employee with the correct modifiers. with head hunters you don’t really have to care at a certain scale about what employees your hiring as long as they are the job type because if you don’t meet a employees demands but they can be replaced with the headhunters, the whole thing is automated. I feel like with a specialization system we would have more incentive to assess during recruiting and not skip over as it would be more worthwhile to look for the modifiers and after recruiting maintain their demands as it would be a genuine loss to your enterprise if you lose them and likewise a boon to the rival that poaches them. Just a idea to make active management and recruiting more worthwhile investing time into.