Employee Screen UI Addition

Employee Screen UI addition - nothing crazy here. I know that you can sort via clicking the words at the top, but this will allow for a much more categorized sorting method.

Players can select multiple stores (or just one) and show those employees only. Or select the “show all” option which is vanilla (and would still open by default). I would love to see this implemented - feels much more organized.

Players should also be able to drag their stores and reorder them. Putting stores in whichever order they feel is best.

I’ll continue making mockup UI enhancements for other areas of the game as well.


Definitely needs some kind of additional sorting. I’ve had saves with 100+ businesses and 1400+ employees, and it becomes a bit of a nightmare to sort through it! The good news is the devs are always adding things to make things more clear.

I think your business, sub-category thing could work nicely!


I was just about to suggest the same thing. Either putting a drop down business selector on the header or just outright sorting the employees into a collapsed accordion type thing under their respective business names.

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