Employee restocking solution?

I see there are a lot of threads regarding employee restocking on here. Basically, as I understand it, employees restock at the beginning and end of their shifts right? I’m going to try out this experiment in my own game, but I’m thinking about adding a third cash register in a business that has a max capacity of 20 customers. Meaning, the third register would not be used to service customers but rather to help the issue of restocking since I overhired some PT staff anyway. I’m thinking that by adding strategic 3 or 4 hour shifts throughout the day I’d stop getting alerts about X store running out of Y item. Bear in mind said business is 24 hours since it’s the required fast food restaurant so it was the only way to really make it profitable. What does everyone think? I’m playing on normal and PT staff wages are between $17 to $20 while I currently have $70,000 saved up with no loans and thus money is not an issue. I’d just like to stop getting those alerts and get the employees to restock the bloody french fries and sodas.


An extra employee would not help this. The employees automatically restock an item when the container hits 0 (the red warning pops up before it’s actually at 0), as long as there is more product in the store in the back.

If you don’t have any more product in the store, you need to increase your deliveries so you don’t run out!


Aw, dang it!. :laughing: Oh well. I guess I can put that register towards a new business, but I was hoping that would help the issues. I hadn’t realized that the entire reserve had to completely empty before the employees restocked so I was hoping the shift scheme would be a solution. Thanks for letting me know so I delete all those extra shifts which should only take a minute or two anyway.

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I think they should implement a stock person job in future updates. That would be awesome