Employee Relationships and Company Rating

I think it would be cool if you have a relationship with your Employees.
For example you could be really nice to them by bringing Donuts and place them in the Workplace for them. That would increase a moral bar and with a high moral they would get ill less and are more productiv.

Or to expend the idear it could be nice to have a rating for the workplace. If you have a high rating for your company by providing benefits for your employees you would increase your rating and you can more easily find new people with a high qualifikation or skills to hire.

And to expend that even further it would be cool if your rating influences the loyalty of your employees to your company. With a high rating your employees will stay at your company and People will send jop applications to you because you own such a great company and they would like to work with you.

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Hello - some of that does exist already in the game to an extent and more will be coming! For instance, office employees will demand things like coffee. If you provide them, it increases their satisfaction, and they stay at the job. if you don’t provide them, they will eventually get unhappy and resign.

This has begun expanding to benefits like insurance as well and will continue to expand in the future, with things like employee loyalty!