Employee demands

When an employee makes a demand, how how can you tell which desk they are sitting at? In one of my offices I have several employees and several desks and one of the employees is asking for a mouse pad but I don’t know how to tell which employee is asking? I see the name and I know which office to go to but which of the employees is it?

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They are working on a solution for this. Right now you should just buy a mousepad for everyone, they are 90$ iirc. As an office usually wont be your first business, you should have enough money to just get everyone a big desk and a mousepad. One coffee machine (600?) and one fridge (1800) per office should also be standard (sooner or later someone asks for it).

Only problem are the chairs. I usually get half multipurpose chair and half computer chair (later in the game half multipurpose/half mesh). And if someone asks for a specific chair, I just switch people in the schedule - there you can see what a specific workplace already has to offer (mousepad, multipurpose chair etc) and also the demands of your workers. So just move people around your different workplace layouts to fit their needs.

We will have a better solution, but for now, one option is to give that employee a bright uniform to find them!


I would definitely quit my job over a mousepad.

Change the persons uniform to identify them. You have to leave and re-enter the place if you do this while you’re in the place.

So for me, the demands themselves aren’t a problem. I mean, some businesses operate on the basis that labour turnover doesn’t matter and the base salary should attract the right fit. Some businesses operate on the basis that the workers are the main asset - give them a lot and demand a lot. And some businesses operate on the basis that offering a lot of perks (training from scratch, non-pay benefits), can allow them to attract and retain talent for below their overall market value and them be happy to stay there. I feel the current system allows for all types.

I really feel that the mechanism for being informed of new employee demands is wrong. Does a part time cleaner text the CEO to say “I demand health insurance?”. Not as a first resort.

As for implementing demands, chairs and desks are the real pain points - not cost wise, that’s a decision for the player on whether it’s worth it - but implementation wise, particularly at head office. I REALLY don’t want to be unseating and reseating HR managers, logistics managers or purchasing agents, in any circumstances. I suppose it’s technically avoidable with desks by always having executive desks, but with chairs I understand stump mesh and multipurpose are very much either/or deals? So you can’t even spend your way out of the problem.

But I mean let’s say you intend to upgrade someone’s equipment as they demand it. Moving an employee to a new desk shouldn’t need to involve completely re-starting their purchasing contract or health insurance or the employees they cover or the drivers and routes they manage.