Employee Demands expansion

So right now, as I train my employees they will generate a couple new demands as they level up their primary skills.

I feel that the pool of options for demands is too small at the moment because I see a lot of repeats.

Additionally, it seems odd to me that a fast food-employee who is just cracking into the 40-50% primary skill range is demanding the same level of health insurance as my top lawyers. I’m not saying that the fast-food employees shouldn’t demand gold tier, just maybe after they get to 85% skill or something (and hey, you put a lot of time, energy, and money into training them up to this point as their boss. Are you going to start all over? That’s a realistic decision to make).

I was also thinking that it might be cool to have tiers for the happiness requirement (Compassionate Workplace > Peaceful Workplace > Calm Workplace).

I also would really like the ability to try and negotiate a pay rate raise in lieu of a specific demand that the employee requested. If the employee marked it as Critical then you have to offer a ton more money to keep them than if it’s a Nice To Have demand. Or maybe you just can’t negotiate if it’s critical, but you could for Important and Nice to Have things.

Something similar is already in the patch that should be coming very soon!

Their pay will automatically increase with skill in the future, it just hasn’t been added yet - so it won’t be instead of demands, but it will be along with!