Edit Mode for Furnishing / Blueprints

Safe to say I’m addicted to this Sim. However - It would make it so much easier to have an “edit mode” where we go into paused time so we can furnish the buildings without having our character actually picking it up… i am on the process of furnishing a big firm and it’s frustrating how the character has to walk around so I can see the rest of the space…


I have a love/hate situation going on with this. I love the reality of having to run all over the place to do the stuff I need to do, but I’d also like to be able to just pause and place. Maybe it being something unlockable once you reach a certain point to not kill the hard work part of the game right out the gate, but not keep it repetitive once the hard work is done.


Exactly - I don’t think the game will ever go full “placement mode”, but we’ll see. The interior designer is probably the closest to that. Part of the whole point of the game is that you have to manage your time to get everything done like SHitMan was saying.

I think lines up with EA 0.3 “New feature: Interior blueprints (copy/paste)”. This way you have to make it the first time, but then can copy/paste it to future stores or something like that. Still makes the player do it once, but then make the future easier!

  1. When you enter your company, I would like to see an edit button (to immediately switch to the free flight of building object management), so as not to run a character from one object to another to move it or assign it a product - in buildings of 1000 m2 this is inconvenient.
  2. Make it possible to move the camera even higher when editing a building.

I find it very tedious and annoying having to place items directly from the handcart/multiple handcarts. I think it would be a cool feature if you could go into a build mode, where you can place freely from a GUI list of items you have on storage shelves within the store. so you could place several storage shelves in the back, have everything delivered to the store, handcart them to the storage shelves but then be able to go into a build mode and place every item that’s on a shelf or in the (inventory) of the store, its a simple quality of life feature that I think would make the game a whole lot less tedious. then constantly running out with the handcart grabbing 4 items off the pallet coming back in and repeat to get all of your items placed

-placeable items put onto storage shelves within the store are added to an ‘Inventory’ of the store
-You are able to access those peaceable items inside the already existing interior designer mode in the game

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I like this post! I had a similar idea: I’d love a “Blueprint Mode” from the Home Screen where I can select a building layout (A2 for example) and then design a space and save it as a blueprint.

You would still have to play the game, procure the items normally, and set them up normally (until you can afford the blueprint installation people), but it would save me a lot of time in real life designing and tweaking the spaces.

However, I imagine this would be a ton of programming work (somewhat from scratch) so I won’t hold my breath.

An interesting idea. If such a mode were to exist, this would probably be the only form it would take, most likely. Not something you can do while playing the game.

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You should be able to buy/place a ‘pallet marker’ to put in your storeroom, which would basically be a painted line to say ‘leave my pallets here’.

Go into an edit mode; where the game pauses - and be allowed to place or replace any item that’s in the building to somewhere else in the building.

If you really wanted, you could have the AI send your character to go and grab all the boxes etc - but it seems unnescessary given that you only have to reach the box, you can then easily place it anywhere.

It would be nice if we could create a blueprint without actually needing to move furniture around in the store.

Then pass our blueprint to an installation firm with our exact layout, design, and furniture.

Right now, its only possible to use community blueprints or create one from scratch but it requires being in the store and moving a lot of stuff around which is pretty tedious.


I would love to see a blueprint editor included in the game, as a main menu item. I love this game, however building in it limits some creativity because of how tedious it is to navigate, buy and place items, get the right quantities, etc. Early game, it is fun, but later game, it becomes a bit of a roadblock, unless you rely on community blueprints.

This feature could include statistics on customers per day and give a more traditional ‘build’ interface for each building type. This would not only be a fun extra in the game, but also for modders looking to contribute more to the blueprints community.

What are your thoughts? How would this tool be balanced in the gameplay?

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I’m also in favour of introducing a Blueprint Designer mode.

The biggest barrier to facilitating creativity is that you have to go through a lot of pain in order to create your blueprint by ordering all the items you desire to a particular location.

I’ll be so bold as to predict that what will inevitably happen is that a minority of people will put in the effort to produce successful designs. These will float to the top of the workshop and everyone who plays the game will then be living on that small pool of “perfect” designs.

Getting blueprints in the workshop is great but what would really make it amazing is having an actual blueprint creation/editing without loading in your game.

Just have the blueprint menu on the main menu act as a sandbox mode where you choose a building type/size and decorate with every purchasable item available.

Add in helpful stats and the help function as well so we can see the customer limit of the new blueprint. Editing this way would remove unnecessary spending to see if a decoration looks good or not.

This should be in the interior design firms. When interacting with the salesman we should be switched to an editor screen - we then can name the biueprint, add a description pick the size of building and be able to furnish it as we want. We should see the price of that blueprint, cost of “using” it, building stats for a type of buissness we picked (customer limit per every furniture, like cash register, bookshelf, fridge etc.). Once we pay for the blueprint it goes to our library.

Also every blueprint in the workshop should have stats and a list of products. In my opinion they should also be accesable from the interior firms and purchased there in order so we can use them, but then we should also be able to edit them (like our blueprints).