EconoView: Ideas for extension

My ideas for the extension of the EconoView app:

  • Have a combobox to choose which data to display (“Year”, “Week”, “Adaptive”, with the latter one being preselected)
  • Have a graph showing the development of income through time, depending on combobox selection:
    • “Year”: show last 60 days or however the length of a year will be in the game
    • “Week”: show last 7 days
    • “Adaptive”: show since beginning of the game (maybe later on if the player dies and the children play on, you could reset at that time)
  • In the current income, use the following columns depending on the combobox selection:
    • “Year”: show current year, last year and either two years ago or yearly average over all time (whatever you think is better)
    • “Week”: show current week, last week and either two weeks ago or weekly average over all time
    • “Adaptive”: show “the day before yesterday” (like it is now), “daily average over all time”, and “all time totals”
  • Have two tabs on top: “Business” and “Personal”
    • “Business” just shows what we currently have and what you see in the screenshot
    • “Personal” shows personal balance with income (when taking a job) and expenses (apartment rent, car purchase cost, loan, food, clothes, whatever… in the future also loan interest, car repair cost, fuel cost)

Once you open the details for a single shop, it should be the same with combobox, graph and the income statement columns.

Optional additional idea: Add the option to buy the “EconoView+” app. The default app could only provide “Adaptive” view (and maybe not even a graph, so just the half empty dialog we have right now), while the “plus” app will offer full functionality and come with a monthly fee.

Let me know what you think about it. :slight_smile:

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I would love an implementation like this, for me currently it’s lacking information like above. Information like year/monthly finances.

Going more deeply into the finance/management of the game. Don’t get me wrong, the current information is good. But for future update’s I would love to see more financial information.

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Most importantly for me:
There is no current Balance shown. (This would also be nice to see in all Screens, where something could be bought, e.g. Delivery)


I agree, would be good to see the current balance in the headline of all the apps.

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