Early Modding Progress & Support

I am currently working on a “time warp” style mod that allows you to control the speed of the game at any time. I noticed this was a requested feature and something I would also like to have.

I used a simple Unity timescale change and I have been running into a bug. When attempting to change the games timescale the camera gets locked (can no longer rotate) and vehicle interaction breaks (Vehicles “ability to park state” seems to get locked in whatever it was at). These bugs remain even after changing the timescale back to 1.

I was wondering if the devs had any insight on this? Is there a piece of code watching the timescale and disabling these things or is it a bug with Unity update?

Also if people are interested I can release a copy of the mod as is, but it will break the game subtly when used ATM.

Also, if people are interested in modding the game I can release a write up on how I got my modding environment set up for the game.


Im definitely interested! But if it breaks the game, just take your time until it works. This game seems to have a very positive long term lifespan ahead. :slight_smile:

If I knew how to code in Unity I would also make mods, but my coding is only tailored towards Cybersecurity aspects. :frowning:

After playing this game I’m kind of interested in learning how to make games like this and the coding behind it. Haha

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Not sure if you have any experience in this, but currently my biggest set-back in analyzing the code is the il2cpp backend is doing a good job of obfuscating (Not sure if the devs intended this or its just a side-effect of using il2cpp for better performance). I can easily view all the methods for each object but I have no way of seeing any of what that method does.

I dont have much cybersec knowledge, but maybe this is something you or another community member can help me figure out? I think this game as massive modding potential and I would love to work with the community or devs to set up some modding tools & instructions.


Yeah I can’t help with that. Have you tried using ChatGPT? When I have problems with my code, sometimes I ask ChatGPT to get towards the right answer.

Don’t give up. Hopefully the devs will see this and offer help! I want this game to be big!!! Sale like 1 million+ copies!

I have never been this committed to any game I’ve ever played in my life!


Lol I will give it a try. Seems like there is not much info about this on the internet (Mostly hacking forums it seems) so it has been a struggle to figure much of this out. I have some experience modding other Unity games but they did not use il2cpp and the community had deobfuscated much of the codebase already.

I would love to hear from the devs just to get their stance on modding the game in its current state and reverse engineering their codebase and if it is something they are against or if they would like to support.

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The official stance is that it is not recommended to mod at this point - or at least it’s not supported yet if something goes wrong. As you noticed, it could currently break files, plus things will be changing so much with balancing and bug fixes, that mods will be out of date a lot and could break other things. So do so at your own risk!! :smiley:

That being said, modding support is on the roadmap for later on!

Please do, I spent all day yesterday trying find information to get started modding and made zero progress. DM me on Discord if you’d like. Bukz#8204

I will work on a write up for the community. Of course given the stance of the devs, I will probably stop working on mods for a bit and take some time to try to reverse engineer the codebase as is so I have a better understanding of the code for when the game is in a more stable place.

It’s not to discourage the idea or community at all - just mostly as a disclaimer that if it breaks your save, there won’t be an official way to recover it, so proceed with caution :smiley:

Of course! I dont mean it in that sense. I am just waiting for the game to be in a more stable position before I release any mods is all. I 100% plan to continue breaking my own saves :laughing: