EA release march 10 not for all......FUMING

Why is it that certain people have been granted EA BEFORE the rest of us when we have paid months ago when in alpha?

I have seen 2 or 3 “streamers” playing EA who have clearly not played the beta versions (Uncle Fred Now has a voice) he has had a voice for the last however many beta versions


I hear what you’re saying, but those are more like commercials. Streamers are how games are advertised to the general public - each stream has hundreds or thousands of viewers which will bring in new players and allow the game to get the most development and expansion possible. Everyone who pre-ordered should already have their Steam Keys (if you don’t have yours yet, check Humble Bundle) and the game should unlock in about 38 hours!

I know the role of streamers and the reason they are used

However, Us that have paid for gold/silver where supposed to have priority on betas/EA releases

A lot of us have given feedback since early alpha and given suggestions for features yet these streamers have been awarded early access before us and we have to sit and wait or watch them playing the latest version which WE CANNOT, it feels like a kick in the teeth

Why wasnt they given access at the same time? what makes it worse is they are playing what we cant FOR FREE while we that have paid cannot

Good morning!

We’re still a small game studio, so we are forced to take advantage of giving streamers access in advance to build up hype. Unfortunately, we don’t have the budget to do it using marketing.

That being said, I completely understand your frustration. Looking back, I should have warned all of you who pre-ordered, that influencers would get access 10 days before anyone else. I’m sorry for not considering that.

I hope you’re still hyped to get access tomorrow. The whole team has been working incredibly hard and I promise the game is sharper than ever! :partying_face:


Thats the thing though, we have pre-purchased the game as you have confirmed so why should streamers get advanced access to “build up hype” when we have been hyped from the start…some from the 1st mention due to startup company

We have already purchased the game, the streamers or influencers or whatever they are called nowadays are to hype those that haven’t purchased…

its an insult to us as far as i`m concerned

It was most definitely not meant to insult you, our only intent is to create games that make you happy. Again, I apologize for underestimating the importance of the 10 days of pre-access. As EA 0.1 enables all the Steam integration, we’re technically not able to upload it for direct download on Humble Bundle, even if we decided to.

I’m really not interested in any unhappy customers. Please contact me directly at [email protected] if you’re interested in a full refund.

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