Ea 0.4 is here

Just had a first run through and have to say what a great lot of work has been done by the developers to improve so many of the small things that matter, but which take ages for them to work through… Well done guys and gals.

The cleaning regime is now on it’s head though, and the first hour was spent getting more cleaners in as all of mine were part-time workers before, and ten more were required instantly… just waiting see if that is enough or if I need even more adjustments, but a nice simple change for us all to work with.

The EMPLOYEE SCHEDULER still needs something… not sure what exactly, but something like having the SHARED SCHEDULE FOR ALL DAYS toggle button on every desk, counter, cleaning station, etc rather than a general one on top (which is sometimes helpful on the first set-up, but not so good for later changes to staffing as I just had to do with cleaners).

The car driving is now superb, with a much nicer driving experience for everyone as the cars keep to the lanes much better… a great improvement for the general feel of the game.

Just about to tackle the profits now and see what has happened with the new economy being applied to clothing stores.

Thanks again to Jonas and the team… brilliant work on this EA 0.4 upgrade.

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Very glad to hear this! That sounds fantastic overall!

You’re right, with new cleaners changes, that’s going to require a bit of restructuring for sure!

The employee scheduler will be getting a few little updates as well in the future, but to an extent if you want a “perfect” set up, you’ll most likely always have to do some manual tweaking to the automated system.

We hope you continue to enjoy all the new changes!