EA 0.3 Build 2054 hotfix

Surprise! It’s spooky season, and the bugs are crawling all around! So, we have a small patch to squash a few big, scary bugs!

Bug Fixes

EA 0.4 will be bringing a huge list of bug-fixes, but there were a few big ones we thought should be addressed sooner:

  • Fixed issue where Headhunter couldn’t recruit Graphic Designers unless they were extremely high-skill
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused the game to lock up when completing the Uncle Fred Marketing quest.
  • Fixed issue that caused the scheduler to “forget” your schedule, specifically when you purchased multiple versions of a store of the same name.
  • Fixed issue with Hairdresser and Security Guard Interior Score going to 0 if the player is in the store
  • Fixed issue with how gambling is calculated - the initial bet and losses previously were ignored, but now they are subtracted from the total before calculating taxes.
  • Fixed issue loading blueprints where the game would lock up because it was downloading
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the correct building size for Uncle Fred’s Fast-Food quest wouldn’t be available


In addition to some bug fixes, we are introducing our first “seasonal decorations”! If you head into Ika Bohag this week, you’ll find a few Jack-O-Lanterns decorations for sale. Grab them quick, though, before they’re gone!

And make sure you check back in the month of December - there might be some bigger changes around the city as well!

Happy Halloween!
See you at EA 0.4’s release in mid-December!
~Hovgaard Games Team

Full Changelog: