EA 0.3 Build 2043 Hotfix

EA 0.3 Build 2043 hotfix is now on steam!

Hello everyone! It’s been great seeing all the new blueprints you’ve been making! But we also watched you encountering some bugs, so here we go with a hotfix!!

  • Taxis were flipping over and causing chaos. We asked them to stop.
  • Some Taxis were also just taking the player and leaving the camera behind! Fixed that too!
  • Coffee shops all heavily dropped in profit in 0.3. But now the customers love you again.
  • Players weren’t receiving money from Hairdressers if the player worked at the register. This has been fixed!
  • Blueprints were shy and didn’t connect to your store properly. Now they should!
  • NOTE: If you already placed a blueprint, you might need to pick up an item and put it back down for the business to recognize the objects!Some players had UI alerts that wouldn’t go away. We believe that is fixed too! (be sure to let us know if you still see it, though!)
  • Paper bags deleted themselves from your inventory lists, but we brought them back.
  • Security Guards are visible now! Take that, criminals!
  • Sometimes Uncle Fred’s required starting buildings were full. That should be fixed!
  • Opening the F1 menu while in the map would unpause the game. Oops, we stopped that.
  • Your messages from City Workforce might have been labeled “Kristian Bahood”. We updated your phonebook!
  • El Gato finally remembered to update its menu to mention it sells Ice Cream!
  • Fixed some issues with employee workstations and customer queues that were causing crashes while the player is in the store!
  • Nightclub customers weren’t bringing in many coats for the coat check.
  • If you unassigned an employee while in the building, they kept working. Now they get properly kicked out!
  • Added an icon to each element of the “workout” outfit to make it easier for players to find.
  • Fixed a handful of UI issues, SFX, and animation issues.
  • Did some graphic cleanup that should help with image-stuttering slightly.
  • Fixed some vehicle interaction issues.
  • Fixed several cases where vehicles would fall through the ground. If you do experience this still, please report it with F2 so we can fix it!


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