EA 0.2 Build 1868 Hotfix

EA 0.2 Build 1868 hotfix is now on Steam!

Hello, it’s time for the 2023 Steam Summer Sale! If you haven’t grabbed your copy of Big Ambitions, Uncle Fred insists you do so today! And while you’re doing that, we just wanted to drop a tiny hotfix to fix a couple of annoying issues:

  • Fixed some issues if you changed options/settings in the main menu before starting the game
  • Fixed some issues if you cancel while waiting in line for a checkout counter
  • Fixed an issue with hotkeys being activated while naming a business
  • Fixed an issue where some UI like using the TV or sleeping were activated while in VoogleMaps
  • Fixed an issue where a couple of items like the restaurant booth could push you outside while designing your store
  • Fixed an error where you could start the Uncle Fred tutorial while in sandbox mode
  • Fixed a color/design issue with Cabinet End (right) not matching the others

Now enjoy the summer as we continue working on some really, really big things for EA 0.3! We can’t reveal too much yet but be sure to start decorating your stores …an announcement should be happening in a few weeks!