EA 0.2 Build 1864 hotfix

EA 0.2 Build 1864 hotfix is now on Steam!

Hello! Big hotfix coming to you this weekend!

Summary here, full list in the link below:

* Reinstated new and improved Employee Demands update
* Office Jobs - Big Revamp
* Fixed a few Soft-Locks
* Fixed some uniform issues
* Improved barriers placement (placing rope/belt/shop barriers now have more freedom)
* Increased HR Manager max employees from 25 to 50
* Increased passive skill gain for AI employees when working
* Reduced traffic aggressiveness
* Ensure there's always an available building to satisfy the second Uncle Fred Business size
* Fixed fired HR Managers breaking insurance manager dialog
* Fixed can't reach 100% cleanliness in some scenarios
* Fixed couldn't reach 100% Interior Design Score in certain buildings (A1, A2, C1, M1)
* Fixed player's customer service skill disappearing
* Fixed can't load some old savegames
* Fixed TimeMachine on split-shift ignoring break between shifts
* Fixed Purchasing Agent training is now done after deliveries to prevent delivery failures due to prices going under the minimum purchase order
* Fixed Restaurant Booth attaching random items and getting stuck (you can put small flowers on it)
* Fixed "Graphic Tablet with screen" now also satisfies "Graphic Tablet" demand
* Fixed Bling Cribs Achievement wasn't counting deliveries. It should properly count any new items you put in the apartment, but any items it missed before still won't count
* Fixed some issues causing the camera zoom to stop working
* Fixed if store is "temporarily closed" employee's scheduled hours didn't satisfy their demands