EA 0.2 Build 1856 hotfix

EA 0.2 Build 1856 hotfix is now on Steam!

Hello everyone - quick patch for our EA 0.2 release to deal with a few issues.

We've heard the player feedback - **Employee Demands are only generated one time now**, rather than dynamically changing. We'll find a better solution for what we were going for!

- Added "Insurance Demand" to the HR coverage employee list
- Fixed issue causing the Health Insurance Manager to stop sending HR Managers Health Contracts before every HR Manager had one.
- Fixed Female character sliding while pushing a flatbed/handtruck
- Fixed after using a handcart, players lift weights with one arm
- Fixed new Uncle Fred objectives pulling players backward in the story when they've already completed the previous objectives.
- Fixed vehicles that had fallen through the map, should be recovered now.
- Fixed couldn't rebind "C" Key
- Fixed Empty Bakery Showcase in Coffee Shops in C2 building, AI businesses
- Removed extra "Laptop" entry from F1 menu
- Fixed multiple uniform presets not saving properly
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I want to take some space to politely disagree with one change in the hotfix: Employee Demands Generation.

I thought the new update with dynamically changing employee demands was an excellent addition and mirrored the reality that more highly skilled workers either get raises or they make non-financial demands that improve their lives (like a more flexible work schedule).

Could we leave the dynamically changing demands off in Easy mode and re-implement it in hard mode?

Or maybe a new system where, as employees get more skilled they give the employer a choice between giving them a raise or meeting a new demand.

I understand that if you are continuing a save then the explosion of employee demands made it really difficult to continue your game. But none of that will matter when the full game gets released!

Maybe I’m alone here, but I’m worried that a very vocal minority of gamers are the impetus for changing a mechanic that the silent majority might like.

Thanks for your time, keep up the good work.

Hello! I agree with you and don’t worry - the feature is coming back, for sure! We just needed to make some adjustments so it didn’t completely upend player’s empires all at once! Plus the feedback allowed us to make some other adjustments to it so it should be even better when it gets reintroduced very soon!

Since the last update, getting in and grabbing the hand truck has been more difficult, most of the time even though the hand truck is lifted, my avatar and the hand truck are walking around.

There was an issue with handtrucks in the previous build, but it should be fixed with the patch that just went out a little bit ago! Hopefully that fixes your issue

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My message should have crossed over with the release of the new hotfixes. Nevertheless thanks for the feedback