EA 0.1 Build 1727 hotfix

Hello everyone!

We hope your empire is growing nicely. We have another hotfix ready!

And remember, in addition to this hotfix, the team is making great progress towards our upcoming content update: Early Access 0.2 - still on plan for release late May.

Quality of Life/Player Requests:

  • Added new music
  • Added warning when car is too damaged to drive
  • Added small animation to Pause Button when game is paused
  • Added earlier retirement notice
  • Added “Browse Inventory” to importers
  • Added elevator to 13 3rd Ave to get back down to the parking garage
  • Updated F1 Help information
  • New Localizor strings, including gender localization

Handtruck improvement:

  • Added HandTrucks to missing offices (building types A3 and K1)
  • Allow players to put Handtruck away, even if another Handtruck has spawned in its place
  • Allow grabbing boxes when using Handtrucks


  • Fixed an error preventing training an unassigned employee
  • Fixed error that allowed employee assignment while training
  • Fixed error that prevented assigning cleaners to office businesses with Mass Employee Actions
  • Employees finishing training now don’t lose satisfaction until midnight

Errors and crashes:

  • Fixed issues caused by using quotes in player business names
  • Fixed navigation issues with parking elevator
  • Fixed an error preventing building signs from updating correctly after being renamed
  • Fixed an error where the game wouldn’t remember vehicle keybinds after reloading
  • Fixed soft-lock when pausing before purchasing a Casino Ticket
  • Fixed soft-lock when selling item and placing it while on confirm panel
  • Fixed soft-lock when hitting ESC during vehicle showcase animation
  • Fixed issues with saving/loading game compatibility
  • Fixed some crashing issues by upgraded Unity to 2021.3.23

Tips and Tricks:

  • To check for localization updates: “Options” > “Others” > Refresh Icon next to “Open Localizor”
  • If you’re stuck while walking “Options” > “Others” > “Unstuck”
  • If you’re stuck in a vehicle - Call the tow Truck
  • To use WASD “Options” > “Control” > “Controller Type” > “Controller”
  • Right-Click to move things after placing them
  • When ordering a pallet delivery - don’t stand on the delivery location, or the delivery will fail!
  • Every employee that is assigned to a business must be wearing a uniform - even cleaners or employees who aren’t scheduled for that day
  • Interior Designer
    • If you can’t see “Interior Designer”: “Options” > “Graphics” > “Reset Windows”
    • Click on Register to set Customer Queue Line
    • Right-Click an object to recolor it
    • Walls & Floors: Select a design, then “paint” it on.
  • Purchasing Agent
    • If you set a one-time delivery, the Purchasing Agent will attempt to order the number you have typed in.
    • If you set a repeating delivery, the number you type becomes a “target”. So if you put “1000”, but currently have 800 in the warehouse, it will only attempt to order 200.
  • Either way orders still need to clear the minimum purchase amount or else they won’t go through
  • If you don’t have enough pallet shelf space at your warehouse, you won’t get the delivery.
  • Logistics Manager
    • Your Logistics Manager delivers up to the target number (which includes any items already in the store, in storage or in display cases).
    • Your deliveries only happen once per day at midnight
    • If you don’t have enough shelf space at your store, you won’t get the full delivery

Edit to add: if you had a business at 13 3rd Ave or in 12 8th St, those buildings have been altered and unfortunately, this means we have to close any businesses in those locations to prevent any issues. Your player will be refunded in-game for any items you had in the building, which you should be able to see in your Econoview app.