Driving camera

so i use a small monitor and im having issues seeing the traffic lights. any chance we can get a zoom in feature just like when we are on foot we can zoom in a little

Give the ability to zoom in and out while driving on the streets and also the ability to move the visual around the car. It’s just too far.

I think there is something about the angle of the camera, when walking and in building we cannot see in front of the player because we are too much on top of it, good example is in this building.

I think this game as a big potential to be a half isometric, half first/second person perspective. More like GTA!

This Q and E shortcut doesn’t feel natural for me.(driving me nuts)

Indeed! Adding some extra camera controls is on the roadmap. Not sure exactly what will be included, but hopefully a little extra tilt on the camera!

Unfortunately, that’s not very likely - at least not for a long time since the game is not set up for that at all. But it would look cool for sure!

If you go to the Settings > Control, you can rebind those keys to whatever you’d like!

Thanks for this quick respond.

For the Q and E, I was more talking about the effect of the view than the keys itself.

Anyway, keep up the good work, this game is amazing!

Oh, the 90 degree snap? There are two types of rotation in control - I use the other one, which is more of a smooth rotation that you can control!

we do need a third-person-view mode with more zoom feature, please consider it!